CBJB Development offers a wide range of services to fulfill your exact needs.

Every day you are without proper online presence is a day you are losing potential business, popularity, and growth.  Through working with the client from planning to implementation, we are able to meet and often exceed our clients' expectations.  We utilize the latest technologies and style trends to improve the speed, accessibility, and function of your website.

It is nearly impossible to compete in today's business world without a social media presence.  CBJB Development can design and manage an aggressive social media campaign for you or your company.  We can even integrate Facebook into your website, allowing for users to interact with you, your company, and each-other from within your site.

Social Media





 Photo Blogging

Digital Imaging

Digital imaging and manipulation is a big part of web presence.  Applying a filter to an Instagram photo is a basic form of image manipulation.  CBJB Development can take your images far beyond the capabilities of Instagram.  Additionally, we can provide you the opportunity to showcase your digital images in a variety of ways; custom website, photo blog, Facebook, and more.

Site Design and Management

Website design can be difficult and tedious for the average person.  There are 'make you own site' services out there that claim to offer easy website design and management; but they offer little in the form of useful tools, charge you extra for everything, and limit your freedom of content.  On top of this, their monthly fees can be outrageous and their customer service very frustrating.

CBJB Development aims to fulfill our clients' needs through a close working relationship, open communication,  and freedom to develop as small or as large as you would like.  Here are some of the tools we use to develop sites and content:

  • HTML
  • CSS
  • CMS




If you already operate a site and are unpleased with its look, performance, or are otherwise unhappy with it; CBJB Development can work with you to find a re-design that is sure to please you and the visitors to your site.  If managing your existing or future site is taking up too much of your time, let CBJB Development step-in and save the day.


The mobile market is huge, 70 percent of the people reading this right now are doing so on a mobile device (source: thin air).  If your website is not mobile-friendly, you are alienating a large portion of your user-base.  Mobile-friendly design offers many advantages:

  • Lower data usage on the user's end (2 GB data plans do not get you that far anymore)
  • Ease of navigation on small, touchscreen devices
  • Accessibility to those with special physical needs

There is also a very social aspect to mobile.  People love their mobile devices; it is a doorway to their friends, family, and information.  Connect your mobile site with Facebook for cross-platform fan interaction.

CBJB Development also offers the use of Microsoft Tags and QR Codes.  These barcode-like images can be scanned by users using their mobile device and instantly provides them with more information on you or your business, links them to special offers, and any number of other social and marketing uses.  These tags can be printed on nearly anything including business cards, stickers, labels, billboards, and even inserted into videos such as television commercials.


CBJB Development partners with GoDaddy to provide safe, fast, accessible hosting for your site and content.  We offer hosting options ranging from single-page websites to large forums.  CBJB Development also offers unlimited bandwidth and unlimited storage.  If you are unpleased with your current hosting provider, we can transfer your content to our host in a safe and secure manner without losing your data.  Please, contact us to discuss your hosting needs.


Online safety and security is of the utmost importance to any person, business, or organization.  CBJB Development stays up-to-date on the latest security threats and trends as well as the technologies and techniques used to mitigate these threats.  We offer a number of ways to protect your site and your visitors including SSL, data encryption, secure logins, and more.


A forum is a great and fun way to add user interaction and feedback.  Online forums have grown in their capabilities and complexities and have developed into robust online communities.  This community aspect of online forums is what draws many users to them.  It is easy to add a forum to an existing site, or to plan one into a future site.  Contact CBJB Development today to discuss how a forum can improve your online presence.

Online Stores

Give your home or small business the look of a large corporation with your own digital storefront.  Adding an online marketplace or store to your business plan is one of the best ways to gain new customers and almost instantly boost sales. 

CBJB Development researches your company, industry, and competitors while working with you to design and implement an effective online store.  Users can register with your site, manage their own virtual shopping carts, and purchase goods or services from you through your website.  To get started building your online store today, contact CBJB Development right away!

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